At night, when things grow quiet, debilitating thoughts tend to crawl from the recesses of the mind, bringing an excellent day to an exhausting end.

Whenever this happens, I want to believe my brain is just trying to tell me something is wrong. But while in the storm, it’s hard to discern whether ‘what’s wrong’ is real or only made up of insecurities or some misguided pattern recognition.

Whichever the case, I discovered there is a way to turn the destructive thought process into something more productive, and it leaves me feeling leveled or better than I would have had…

My first instinctual and short answer is ‘Hell no’. The long answer comes from past experiences.

I’ve had short relationships, some were long, some were stale and other’s full of life. But one thing they had in common — they all developed quickly.

A little too quickly.

I used to think I was damaged because I would cut people from my life so easily. But in reality it has been a blessing in disguise.

Three months ago I ended a short lived relationship.

We had so much potential but circumstances weren’t on our side.

I couldn’t dedicate time to the…

At twenty-three I was bright-eyed and full of energy wanting to make a difference in corporate America. In short, I was super excited to assist in building my employer’s marketing department. I was going to work for a talented marketing director and a visionary CEO. What else could I ask for, right?

Let’s say things turned out differently — very differently.

Suddenly, I was surviving constant strategy changes, soul-crushing deadlines and company politics with no direct boss to guide me.

I somehow managed with little work experience. No seniority. A lot of tears. Hard working teams outside my department. …

Point of Grey

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